Disinfection in- and outside

After cleaning, the clean surface is disinfected to ensure that the re-growth of algae and moss is prevented.


High efficacy with iQproxil

iQproxil is a ready to use disinfectant with excellent activity.

To disinfect mold-infested surfaces. Applicable to microbially contaminated plasters, paints, concrete, limestone, brick-faced masonry, plasterboard, wallpaper and concrete roof tiles and clay bricks. iQproxil apply only to surfaces that are covered.

iQproxil is easy and safe to handle. During the disinfection only oxygen (O2) and water is released. Hydrogen peroxide is used as an active substance which stabilizes in a complex process, and was reinforced in the catalytically active against microorganisms (silver). Characterized a by far better anti-microbial effect is achieved compared to normal hydrogen.

iQproxil uses no toxic fumes and is not carcinogenic (cancer-promoting), mutagenic (genverändernd). iQproxil acts in the concentration used irritant (slightly corrosive).


Flyer iQproxil
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