Facade renovation

thoroughly and sustainably

Before a facade renovation is carried out, the condition of the facade should be thoroughly investigated and assessed. The facade and the ground should be checked for cracks, adhesion, moisture, contamination and pollution. Then know the owner or professional, what system for the rehabilitation of the question.

Step 1: Cleaning of the surface

After reviewing the subsurface cracks, adhesion, etc., is cleaning the surface of mold, algae or moss, and other contaminants.
Solvent-free cleaning products such as iQclean 100 A or S will help you.

Step 2: Disinfection of surface

With the thorough disinfection of the cleaned surface a faster recovery growth of algae, moss and mold is difficult.

The disinfectant iQproxil has proven itself.

Step 3: Primer or pretreatments

We recommend to prime porous and absorbent surfaces, for exampel iQplus with a waterborne primer with good penetration and solidifying effect.

Step 4: The top layer

The opaque color of the facade should have optimal physical characteristics, such as high water resistant, highly water vapor permeable, crack bridging, weather resistant. Characteristics which distinguish the iQexterior colors.

Step 4: The invisible protective impregnation

Hidden surface protection, facade protection without changing the look of the building, then we recommend the iQimpregnations for almost all substrates.