Leaky facades

Cracks in the facade not only look bad, they are also responsible for ensuring that the protection of facade no longer works. There are countless types of cracks, from a fine hairline crack to centimeter-wide setting plan.
About cracks can moisture and dirt from entering the base. Moisture is the biggest enemy of plaster and masonry.
If the moisture remains in the ground a long time, this can lead to further damage; the static characteristics such as in load-bearing components can be adversely affected. In winter this can lead to increased heat losses and even to mildew formation in the interior.


What to do in case of cracks on the facade?

After the assessment, the facade should first be thoroughly cleaned. Then let restore all cracks by an expert.

Important in the top coat: The cover layer / color should have good structural characteristics, such as good elasticity and crack bridging ability to be water repellent, moisture-regulating and breathable.

If the facade repainted / coated, should be rehabilitated with a system: cleaning, crack repair, primer, top coat. With a system solution, you are on the safe side and will have years of enjoyment from a beautiful and protective facade.