Invisible graffiti protection

for mineral substrates

iQAntigraffiti is an aqueous solution of a hydro-and oleophobic silane.

The iQAntigraffiti is virtually free of volatile organic compounds and is the anti-graffiti impregnation of absorbent mineral building materials determined. This is a permanent, almost invisible graffiti protection is generated which is water vapor permeable and weather resistant. Very good repellency against water and oils on absorbent mineral surfaces in the exterior and interior.

As an anti-graffiti impregnation for mineral building materials such as sand-lime brick, sandstone masonry, brickwork, concrete, brick, granite. The treatment is not recommended on painted surfaces as well as color.


iQAntigraffiti with the following properties:

  • Permanent: UV-resistant, weather resistant, even after several cleaning cycles, no reapplication necessary
  • Free of solvents: water-based, environmentally friendly, harmless to health
  • Easy to use: quick drying time, use of standard devices
  • Easy cleaning: thorough cleaning, carried out by hand


Data sheet iQAntigraffiti
DS iQAntigraffiti EN.pdf
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