Invisible protection

Impregnation of wood, stone, concrete and other substrates

Nanotechnology is the latest milestone in the development of human technology. After the steam engine, the locomotive, the light bulb, the telephone, the microprocessor, the WWW, and finally of biotechnology. The beginning of research and development in nanotechnology is the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope in 1981.

These tiny structures and devices lead to new and amazing features and functions of products and they also change the means of protection of surfaces in the construction.


The iQNanoFix impregnations are ultra-modern, water-repellent impregnations based on nanotechnology. They change barely visible underground, are absolutely porous (not affected the breathability of the substrate, combine chemically with the substrate). The products are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.


Flyer Impregnations for mineral substrates
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Flyer Impregnations for solid substrates
Flyer NF solid surf EN 2013.pdf
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