Invisible protection

Protection for mineral porous substrates

High-quality water-repellent impregnations based on nanotechnology change, barely visible underground, are absolutely porous, do not affect the breathability of the substrate.

For example, as: protection from weather with exposed concrete walls, wood shingle facades, exterior stairs and walls, garage floors, slabs, etc.


for stone, natural stone, concrete, wood, mineral substrates

Impregnation iQNanoFix 100
The water and oil repellent impregnation completely porous, does not impair the breathability of the substrate. Particularly suitable for the sustainable protection of natural stone, concrete, fiber cement, brick, plastered surfaces, wood.

for stone, natural stone, wood, mineral substrates

Impregnation iQNanoFix 100AG
Properties as iQNanoFix 100 with nanoscale silver, causes bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algae illegal behavior (may cause slight browning).

Suitable for uncoated mineral surfaces and wood.

for wood surfaces, mineral substrates

Data sheet 100
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Data sheet 100AG
DS iQNanoFix 100AG EN.pdf
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