Hotels and spa areas

Interior color for a healthy indoor climate

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness in the spa, guests and visitors are particularly critical. The high humidity can condense at the high room temperatures of potential cold spots in rooms quickly. These are ideal conditions for mold growth. But here also germs and bacteria multiply very quickly.

But be careful! Many remedies and products that promise to help us out here to do this through the use of toxic chemical ingredients such as chlorine, fungicides, pesticides and plasticizers. These substances are then released over time.

With iQprotec products, however, you are on the safe side!

iQWellness contains no foreign biocides and is free of harmful formaldehyde. Also omitted in the color due to the addition of specific agents foreign preservatives. Overall, it is ensured that there are no harmful gas emission when using the color.



Flyer iQWellness interior coating
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Data sheet iQWellness
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