of mold growth

To prevent mold growth indoors, there are simple rules and aids.


rule 1
Living areas 3-5 times daily for about 5 minutes Shock = ventilation simultaneous airing of several rooms for an effective air exchange in the home.


rule 2
Ventilation through windows in tilt leads to unnecessary heat energy losses! Lintels cool in winter from strong, which promotes unwanted condensation in this area.


rule 3
Make larger pieces of furniture not to cold outside walls. If this is not possible then to allow a distance of 5-10 cm from the walls, an air circulation.


rule 4
Keep doors closed in rooms with high humidity or development with particularly low temperature. Ventilate these rooms with the doors closed until the room humidity has dissipated.


rule 5
In a basement can cause mold problems in contrast to above-ground parts of the building in the summer when warm, moist outside air condensing on the cold walls. In summer basements must therefore be aired very deliberate.


Tools for prevention: