Primers outside

Primer iQplus with absorbent mineral substrates

Of priming on surface brittle and absorbent mineral substrates, for strengthening of existing coatings, eg washed distempers, for reducing the absorbency of porous substrates. iQplus is ideal for the treatment of porous, absorbent substrates such as plasters and plasterboard.

iQplus is a solvent-free, water-primer with a particularly high penetration depth and solidifying good effect, for indoor and outdoor. The water-repellent properties of subsequent coatings are improved significantly.

Outside we recommend iQplus primer for all coatings with iQ-products to be used as primer.

Primers for exterior wood surfaces

To protect wood from weather-stressed parts in the outdoor area there are now several variants: for example, solvent-based, universal primers for ventilation wood interior and exterior, or colorless dive for the outside primers.

These are only primers and the sole application is not enough, therefore, these surfaces should be primed nor painted.

Primers for wood on request!

Data sheet iQplus
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