Nature has been able to develop over millions of highly intelligent systems which have been successful and have proven themselves in practice undisputed. Man tries to imitate nature in many areas, be it to develop protection systems for himself, either to improve the quality of products or optimize.

Benefit from the technology

Nanotechnology is one such human development. In problem areas of building protection, this technology brings the protection of natural surfaces compared to conventional methods significant advantages: products based on nanotechnology are on the one hand ecological through the consequent abandonment of harmful biocide additives and on the other hand economic due to higher sustainable and far-reaching coverage.

Getting clear of nano colors

After 42 months went the EU research project "Nano House" with a cautious clear to end: nanoparticles provide in house paints no unusual health hazard since. Within the framework of a «Technology Briefing» Empa researchers discussed with representatives of the construction industry, the research results.