Effective graffiti protection

Antigraffiti system

The iQAntigraffiti system is not visible and has an almost permanent protection. For although iQAntigraffiti provides effective protection for the various substrates, whose outward appearance is not visibly changed.


iQAntigraffiti is not a coating in the conventional sense, but an impregnation of the silanes, which produce only small layer thicknesses, and therefore, the water vapor permeability of the surface affected. Neither water nor oil-based paints, varnishes or markers can penetrate into the pores of the building material and adhere there. Sprayer land immediately and run the desired effect of the sprayers can not be achieved.


The immediate and consistent removal of graffiti from the first action of means effective protection against graffiti. iQAntigraffit allows an efficient and inexpensive way to protect buildings against graffiti.


Graffiti protection for mineral substrates

iQAntigraffiti is an aqueous solution of a hydro-and oleophobic silane.
iQAntigraffiti is virtually free of volatile organic compounds and is the anti-graffiti impregnation of absorbent mineral building materials determined.



Graffiti protection for solid substrates (aluminum, metal)

Clearcoat with excellent resistance and excellent adhesion, creates a bright, highly weather-resistant and UV-resistant surface. iQprotec HC has excellent anti-graffiti and Easy-to-clean properties.
iQprotec HC - for steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, plastics, etc. The applications of iQprotec HC are almost unlimited!