Cleaning - Disinfection

Before an area can be coated, it must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Only then a good adhesion to the substrate is ensured and excluded a faster recovery growth of mold and algae.

Cleaning facades and exterior surfaces

algae, mosses and fungi

The first step in a facade renovation is the thorough cleaning, which must be matched to the substrate: The cleaning can only be carried out gently, if it is supported by a cleaner. The biomass can therefore be better, more efficient and gentler from the facade.


Disinfection with mold

inside and outside

Inside: a musty, moldy smell or first dark spots on walls, ceilings or furniture indicate the mold infestation. Even small areas of mold indoors should be eliminated for reasons of preventive health protection. Interior also applies; Clean and thoroughly disinfect.

Outside: After cleaning, followed by thorough disinfection. It has not only the surface, but in particular the plaster layer disinfected profound.



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