Disinfection in- and outside

Effective disinfection infestation

After cleaning, the clean surface is disinfected to ensure that the re-growth of algae and moss is prevented.


iQproxil disinfectant for indoor and outdoor

iQproxil is a ready mold control agents based on hydrogen peroxide and silver for disinfection in mold. 
The rapid, reliable and long-lasting effectiveness against molds at the same time simple and safe handling was repeated tested and confirmed under laboratory conditions and in practice.

How does iQproxil?

As the main active ingredient acts the known and proven hydrogen peroxide which is stabilized and reinforced solidly in its action against microorganisms by adding silver. Characterized iQproxil achieved by a multiple enhanced antimicrobial effect. The cleaved by the hydrogen peroxide oxygen (O2) engages in contact on the cell walls of the mold. The silver reinforces this effect additionally. This leads to rapid cell death and thus the death of the treated mycelium.

Why iQproxil?

  • iQproxil decomposes after use virtually completely into water and oxygen. This iQproxil is also suitable for use in living and sleeping areas, as no adverse health residues remain.
  • iQproxil has a long-lasting residual effect.
  • The remaining on the surface of product components act re fouling with microorganisms contrary efficiently.
  • iQproxil is not flammable, unlike many other products. Since no explosive vapors, it can also easily hot or kaltvernebelt be (fogging).
  • iQproxil is free of aldehydes, alcohols, chlorine / hypochlorite and quaternary ammonium compounds.
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