Exterior color

High-quality exterior colors with long-lasting effect

Through the incorporated silicate hollow bodies have the iQ coatings on a microscopically rough surface paint. This makes for a less than conventional paints condensation and a faster drying of the surface, the risk of algae and mold growth is reduced massively.

Micrographs of glass bubbles in the coating
Micrographs of glass bubbles in the coating

In addition, a wall is more moist, the more heat it derives from. This becomes apparent in the energy loss in the winter months. With solid masonry coatings provide the iQ solar gains. Facade beautification and energy conservation in one!

The silicate hollow bodies are also the best UV protection for color matrix, and the good physical properties are retained for many years. Her house is well protected for many years.




for strong weather-exposed

exterior surfaces


for all mineral substrates