Pure acrylic exterior paint

Functional facade protection coating iQClassic

iQClassic is a water, high pure acrylic paint for exterior with structure-forming silicates glass bubbles.


The exterior paint iQClassic has a very good water vapor permeability provides a very good protection from precipitation humidity. Moreover iQClassic is highly UV-resistant, low stress and resistant to atmospheric pollutants.

The exterior paint has very good building physical properties and provides comprehensive building protection. A coating with iQClassic reduce moisture-related energy losses and ensures on solid masonry for solar heat gain.

iQClassic protective coating is suitable for mineral facades, on plasters, concrete and recoatable old coatings on dispersion and silicone resin-based plastered surfaces. Also suitable for algae or mold-damaged facades.



Flyer iQClassic exterior paint
Flyer iQ Classic EN 2013.pdf
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Data sheet iQClassic
DS iQ Classic EN.pdf
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