Invisible Protection

Protective impregnations for wood and stone

iQNanoFix products are the collective term for nano-waterproofing products for various applications.
The iQNanoFix products have proven themselves over many years of free weather. They protect the substrate pores and are UV stable. The active compounds are combined chemically and mineral (inorganic) with the carrier material.


These tiny structures and devices lead to new and amazing features and functions of products and make them change the means of protection of surfaces in the construction sector.


Protective impregnation for mineral substrates

Water and (partial oil repellent) impregnations, absolutely porous, does not affect the breathability of the substrate. Particularly suitable for the sustainable protection of natural stone, concrete, fiber cement, brick, plastered surfaces, wood.



Concrete seal and protect

Excellent concrete protection products based on water glass with depth.
Solvent-free, odorless, colorless us, for indoor and outdoor.
Water and oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant.



Impregnation of solid substrates

Long-time protection for solid surfaces such as steel, aluminum, ferrous metals, plastics, glass, etc.



Product overview impregnations
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