Protect concrete

Concrete seal and improve

Capillary action of concrete and mortar allows the ingress of water and other pollutants. This process is slow but sure, and destroyed the building material from the inside. Without the sealing of the most Concrete and Masonry materials are destroyed in the long run due to moisture damage and environmental influences.

iQcrete protec - the concrete waterproofing

iQcrete protec serves as a seal for all vertical and horizontal alkaline substrates. It can be used as bitumen / fleece - used spare in new construction and renovation. The center is ideal for basements, flat roofs, parking garages, balconies, patios, concrete, screed, mortar, plaster.


iQcrete protec is environmentally safe, non-toxic and not made from crude oil. It is soda silicates with the inclusion of a special catalyst.
iQcrete protec reacts with almost all the building materials (eg concrete) located existing lime and alkali. It will not work as a coating material, but the material is a close connection.


iQcrete protec penetrates into the pores and thus crystallizes out until the pores are closed and have been positively connected to the material. Once the gel is formed, it expands, it displaces moisture and seals the surface.



Technical data sheet
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