Ecological interior paint

iQMedical interior color for all health areas

In areas of healthcare wall colors are exposed to high chemical and mechanical stresses.

iQMedical is an interior paint for the improvement of hygienic conditions in clinics, hospitals, retirement and children's homes and generally in hygienically demanding areas. The high abrasion and chemical resistance of iQMedical withstand the high loads of a coating.

Wherein in iQMedical used nanosilver is a firmly embedded substance, which can not outgas. The efficacy of silver remains long will that it breaks down chemically barely.
iQMedical is free from harmful formaldehyde. This will ensure that it comes with the use of color to any unnecessary health risks to patients and staff.


The embedded lightweight fillers make iQMedical to an advantageous anti-condensation coating. The coated surface dries quickly.
Together with the very good breathability iQMedical is also an efficient paint against mold endangered or -befallene surfaces.

In the nanosilver used in iQMedical is a firmly bound substance that can not outgas. The effectiveness of the silver remains long, which is chemically hardly degrades.



Flyer iQMedical interior coating
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Data sheet iQMedical
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