Moisture-regulating interior paint

iQWellness interior colorfor spa areas

Interiors are a crucial part of our living environment. Whether we "feel" us it determines our quality of life. Therefore, we attach great importance to a healthy indoor climate.


iQWellness is a high quality paint which uses nanotechnology to create a pleasant and hygienic environment in humid or warm surroundings, such as wellness centres and heated pools. That is why iQWellness provides the perfect solution for wellness centres and subtropical swimming pools. Fungi and damp patches cause increasing numbers of problems in these places. There are various reasons for these difficulties, but heightened condensed humidity is the most common one.

Removing the fungi and damp patches often requires the use of harmful biocides. They solve the problem at short notice, but they provide no sustainable solution.

iQWellness contains no extraneous biocides, harmful formaldehydes or other pollutants. iQWellness is completely free from any toxic substance and provides a durable solution


Flyer iQWellness interior coating
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Data sheet iQWellness
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