Mold-resistant interior paint

iQFood interior color for kitchens and storage

In rooms where food is prepared, lurking unseen dangers of harmful microorganisms such as mold or bacteria. If the mold growth on walls and ceiling surfaces visible on, this can often lead to incidents of operation. Costly maintenance and costly remediation measures are often the most bitter consequences. In extreme cases, even the destruction of contaminated products may be necessary.

iQFood was designed specifically for hygienic applications of resource-based food industry. An important feature of this coating is the natural protective mechanism of silver against attack by microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and germs.
The multi-functional interior paint iQFood provides a very efficient support for the eradication of these persistent problems in germ-free and moisture-stressed areas, such as in batkeries, dairies, slaughterhouses, etc.

The high abrasion and chemical resistance of iQFood maintain the high chemical and mechanical stresses in these production areas stood.

To protect the environment and health will be omitted in this color on the otherwise usual addition of conventional biocides and fungicides, as well as foreign preservatives.
Flyer iQFood interior coating
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Data sheet iQFood
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