Ecological interior paint

iQSensitive interior color for living spaces

iQSensitive is a high quality interior paint for a pleasant indoor climate, particularly moisture- and mold-suited to vulnerable and affected areas
The anti-condensation effect causes the walls stay clean longer, because less dust can settle on it.

iQSensitive is designed especially for people sensitive and challenging areas, such as living room, bedroom, nursery and kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, wet rooms and kitchens.


The anti-mold paint

The embedded lightweight fillers make iQSensitive to an anti-condensation coating and accelerate Abtrocknungsprozesse on the surface. Together with the very good breathability iQSensitive is an efficient anti-mold paint against mold endangered or infected surfaces

iQSensitive is through the use of ultra-light hollow glass beads significantly less than conventional paints wärmeträg. The surface radiates back more heat, thus ensuring a faster and more even distribution of heating energy in the room.
There is less heat energy used for the same well-being. Beautiful design and energy saving in one.
The air circulation in the room and therefore the resuspension of dust and bacteria is significantly reduced.



Flyer iQSensitive interior paint
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Data sheet iQSensitive
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