Color shades

iQ shades colors

The quality of shades depends strongly on the used pigment types from (mineral and organic pigments, size, etc.) Special attention should be paid shades for outdoor use. The natural weathering (moisture, UV radiation, etc.) represent a significant burden for exterior colors from the perspective of optics. There is also the lightness value on composite thermal insulation system (EIFS) plays a major role.

There are many color maps and system, the most famous being the RAL and NCS color systems.


The iQ coatings can generally (with the exception of individual colors) colored according to the standard color cards.
However, we can not guarantee a particular color stability for outdoor shades for color shades according to foreign subjects.



iQcolorit color chart

For the following reasons, we own color system = iQcolorit FS:

  • From the color chart it is clear that shades for women (organic pigments) and for which external (inorganic pigments) are suitable.
  • The pigments are optimized, there are only 1-2, max. 3 color pastes per color required.
  • This guaranteed quality tinting is guaranteed.